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We’ve built a new home on Mars. It hasn’t been easy, it hasn’t been simple, and it hasn’t been safe. But for those with the will and cunning, it has been profitable.

From Mars we went to Ceres, and created a refuge for belters across the system. Completely devoid of atmosphere and with a scarcity of resources that made Mars seem plentiful, Ceres was a challenge for even veteran Offworld entrepreneurs. And yet with all the resources of the belt flowing through, we once again had a lucrative operation.

Now it’s time to raise the stakes again as we venture to Io, Jupiter’s Forge.

Jupiter's Forge.png

Io will not be a home. Io will not be a refuge. Io is toxic and irradiated from its orbit around Jupiter. Covered in sulfur and the most volcanically active body in the system, this is not a place to tread lightly. However, leaders with the stomach for it see new opportunities on Io, and so this is where we will travel to next.

Over the next several weeks we’ll be instructing you on how to prosper on Io, beginning with more details about the moon itself. You might already be aware that Io has no water. This means that in order to survive you’ll need to be able to make your own. Next week we’ll tell you about how to accomplish that, along with everything else you could want to know about Jupiter’s fifth moon.

Even once we’re done with that there will be plenty more to discuss, so feel free to check out the upcoming schedule below.

April 19th - Jupiter’s Forge, everything you need to know about Io


April 26th - OTC Anniversary, a recap of OTC’s first year


May 3rd  - The Penrose Collective, Nomads of Io


May 10th - The Diadem Trust, Elite Entrepreneurs


May 17th - Trial by Toxin, Io’s Campaign

Io Campaign.png

Offworld Trading Company: Jupiter’s Forge is now available on Steam!

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